Sexy teen fucked at the back of the car

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  • 25 Dec 2016

When people ask me why some girls on the site only have photos and not a video Kenzlee is a prime example. Kenzlee couldn’t pay her car payment after her first photo shoot and came back to me. Lucky for me this time my photography lights where “Broken” so video only this time around. She wanted to use a different age this time around because she was nervous. Normally I would tell a girl know but look at her! This teen is great she has a super tasty & tight pussy, flat toned stomach, and a little bubble butt. She really opens up as the video progresses and she ended up loving it by the end and asking when she could do another. Let me know what you think if I should bring her back I was thinking of doing a public video with her. I do what I do best and fuck her tiny body hard and cream pie her. Great shoots like this are what remind me of why I do this!!.